The Night Before – 0 miles in

Saying Goodbye

I’m not sure how she’s going to survive without me

Well, after a year of preparation, I’ve arrived. It’s the night before I set out for the trail and it still doesn’t feel real. I said goodbye to my mom and sister this morning and my dad and I drove up from Chapel Hill to New Jersey. I’m spending the night at my grandparent’s house before driving tomorrow morning to Pawling, New York, where I’ll be starting my hike.

Some logistical information to satiate those burning questions you might have:

  • I’ll be doing a flip flop hike, which means I’ll be starting in NY, walking to Maine, driving back to NY, and walking to Georgia.
  • Yes, I’m going alone, although my lovely friend Thomas will be joining me for the first week, and I’m most definitely going to meet people out there.
  • I’m estimating to be done in about 5 months, but really, who knows?
  • I have spent a lot of time educating myself on how to protect myself from bears.

This blog will be my window to the world. I’ll be updating all y’all on my journey whenever I can. When I don’t have access to a computer or WiFi, I’ll be writing in my journal so I can remember everything. Also on this site, I’ll be periodically posting informational articles. I have started a gear list, and I’ll also be writing about why I decided to do a flip flop hike, sleeping in a tent vs in a hammock, and other decisions I made I hope some of you out there will find interesting.

Until next time, here are some songs.

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