Pictures from Hanover to Gorham


Borrowing this photo from Mumble, since I didn’t take one of my own. This is the sign we saw shortly after leaving the hut to climb Mt Washington.


We made a bouquet out of trail materials!


The view from Mousilake. The first time I really realized I was in the Whites.


Family Size is enjoying the Omelette Man’s tent in this photo!


Sometimes the trail sort of… disappears… and turns into a bouldering route. This was the climb up Crawford Notch, right before the thunderstorm.


The guys who gave me a bunk!


Crawford Notch from halfway up the north side. Everything you can see, I had already hiked. The lowest road is where I had started that climb.


Peanut Pan, imported straight from Germany, on top of Mousilake with me!


My trekking pole, post Madison.


I saw moose right before the Wildcats! Amazing!

If the weather hadn’t been so terrifying, I would have taken more pictures, but I think these sum it up well!


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